DSub Filtered Connectors


Hi-Rel Filtered D-Sub Connectors (Based on MIL-24308 Connectors)

Hi-Rel Filtered D-Sub Connectors (Based on MIL-24308 Connectors)
Choice of ‘C’ and ‘Pi’ Filters | Various Capacitance Values in Stock
| In-stock, small qty like 5 pcs welcome

We stock and supply Hi-Reliability filtered D-Sub connectors. We use ONLY MIL-24308 QUALIFIED QPL connectors for this purpose. Filter types include ‘C’ and ‘Pi’ filters in a range of capacitance values. We not only offer standard products but also custom filtered connectors for application specific needs.

Features of Hi-Rel Filtered D-Sub connectors from Sona Technologies

  • We use only MIL-24308 QPL listed connectors for our filtered connectors
  • Wide variety of capacitance values include 100pF, 330pF, 470pF, 1000pF, 4000pF. Other values on request.
  • Plug, Receptacles, PC Mount Filtered D-Subs available
  • Shell sizes include 9,15, 25, 37 amongst others


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