Hi-Power RF For Nuclear


High Power Nuclear RF Cables

Sona Technologies is the leading distributor and selling supplier of Hi-Power and Other RF cables for Nuclear and other Hi-Power RF Applications in India. Our RF Cables are designed to carry extremely high power RF signals so that the loss while transmission is negligible for highly sensitive field of Nuclear Sciences and Experiments.

Our inventory contains:




    • SHV/MHV RF Cable Sets for upto 5KV DC use in Nuclear Instrumentation
      This type of HV… series Cable Sets have been designed for use in high voltage applications of upto 5KV DC, typically in nuclear instrumentation applications. Main feature of the SHV/MHV connectors is that the center contacts are deeply recessed into the dielectric to prevent shock in unmated condition. Know more


    • NIM-CAMAC RF Cable Sets & Delay Lines for Nuclear Instrumentation
      NC… series Cable Sets have been designed for use in nuclear instrumentation applications to adhere to the NIM-CAMAC CD/N 549 standard for instrumentation inter-operatability. These are based on either Fischer/LEMO push-pull connectors conforming to NIM-CAMAC CD/N 549 and MIL-C17 conforming cable. We can provide the finished cable sets as per your asked lengths, cable type and small quantities.  Know more


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