Tactical Fiber Optic Cables

Tactical Fiber Optic Cables

Sona Technologies has engineered high quality military qualified Tactical Fiber Optic Wires, Tactical Fiber Optic Cables and Tactical Fiber Optic Assemblies which can be used in harsh and tough areas. Sona Technologies has a distinguished record of involvement in high-priority defense programs. Spanning all branches of the Armed Forces, our Fiber Optic Cables, Fiber Optic Wires and Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies continues its forward-looking leadership role by providing the “ultimate in protection” for power, control, signal and communications cabling solutions.

Our Tactical Fiber Optic Cables can be used for custom applications for an extensive array of markets in military,  transit, utility, marine, oil rig industry, industrial usage and other diverse applications. These specialized Tactical Fiber Optic Cables are generally used in harsh commercial applications.

Our Military Fiber Optic Cables (Tactical Fiber Optic Cables) and Assemblies

  1.  Expanded Beam Tactical Fiber Optic
  2.  Expanded Beam Fiber Optic Breakouts
  3.  MIL-38999 Tactical Fiber Optic
  4.  MIL-38999 Fiber Optic Breakouts





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