SONA Rework System

We import, supply and service a complete range of Rework Stations and Desoldering Stations from PACE (USA) and ERSA (Germany) in India.

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Hot Air Rework Station, SHA58D

Low Cost 650 Watt Hot Air Station

  • LED display for temperature
  • Comfortable portable and handheld
  • Micro-computer control
  • Adjustable air flow and temperature
  • More powerful, more stable performance
  • Fault alarm function
  • ESD Safe
  • Intelligent detection and cool airflow features
  • Cooling function: Fan stops working when Hot air temperature is less than 70°C
  • Body is made from alloy materials for durability


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High Power 700 Watt Hot Air Rework Station SHA09D

Hi-Power 700 Watt Hot Air Station

  • LED display for temperature
  • Comfortable portable and handheld suitable for leadfree soldering applications
  • Intelligent digital operation, microcomputer controlled real-time tip temperature tracking for stable temperature
  • Handle with sensor switch, the hot air pencil goes in standby mode when it is placed on the stand & starts working once picked from the stand.
  • Fault alarm function for heater & sensor failure.
  • Auto cold air function to prolong heating elements life
  • Intelligent control program allows to store 3 favourite temperature & airflow time setting in CH1, CH2 & CH3
  • Brushless fan with lowest noise & longer operational life
  • Cooling function: Use aluminium alloy materials for durability

    ESD safe


Click here to download pdf | Close up view of Rework Station SHA09D

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