MIL38999 Electrical Harness


MIL-38999 Custom Harnesses, Mixed Signals

MIL-38999 Custom Harnesses, Mixed Signals
Complex MIL-38999 Harness |  Electrical, RF, Fiber Mixed Signals
|  Variety of MIL-Connectors

We make hi-quality MIL-38999 harnesses using imported MIL-QPL connectors, MIL-22759 ETFE wires. We focus on complex harnesses with a variety of connectors like MIL-38999, MIL-83513 Micro-D, MIL-24308 D-Sub amongst others. Harnesses include multi-branch having mixed signals like electrical, RF, ethernet or fiber in the same harness.

A hi-quality process and test setup from renowned vendors ensures reliability for Military applications.


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