Sensor cable sets

sensor cable Cable Sets for Accelerometers, Vibration & Pressure Sensors
We provide hi-quality Triax cable sets for use in MIL-STD-1553B bus. These are typically used in military applications like tanks, aircrafts, ground vehicles that have MIL-1553 bus systems.


  •  Low noise, high impedance cables with conductive coated dielectric for charge mode sensors.   Reduce ‘tribo-electric’ effect induced output variations
  •  Choice of Microdot 10-32, BNC, TNC connectors from world-class suppliers like Tyco,   Rosenberger or equivalent.
  •  MIL-39012 conformant
  •  Drop-in equivalents to common Kistler, PCB, Dytran types readily available
  •  Imported cables, MIL-C-17 conformant

• Sensor cables for accelerometers
• Sensor cables for use with force, torque and strain sensors.
• High Impedance, low noise cables are for use with charge mode sensors
• Voltage mode cables are for use with sensors of the type voltage mode
• Output cables are used to connect the output jacks of power units & read out units. BNC(M) connectors on both side are typically used

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