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RF Adaptors Kits by Sona Technologies

At Sona Technologies we have an extensive range of inventory of all types of RF adaptor Kits. The RF Adaptors inside our RF Adaptor Kits are available in standard and high performance with gold plated, brass and stainless steel bodies.

  1. RF Adaptor Kits

    –  ALL-in-1 Jumbo RF Adaptors Kit – Contains a huge variety
    –  Wide Range RF Attenuators & Terminations Kit (C, X, KU, 18GHz Band)
    –  RF Accessories Kit for Ka-Band (DC-40 GHz) Applications

  2. RF Adaptor Kit Selection Guide

    Here we present a selection guide for RF Adaptor Kits for our valuable visitors and clients.


Highly reliable customer service and technical support is available at sales@sonatech.net and/or +91-172-4007948 (India).

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